Top of the Hill Music Nothing like real strings! Jack Lindsay Brand going over the arrangement for "Beautiful Terrible" (written by Rebecca Guthrie) with Karen Stodola (violin) and Rachael Beaver (cello).04.01.2019 at 05:23 amLike
Top of the Hill Music One of my Favorite Things is when I get a copy of the final CD.15.12.2018 at 10:00 pmLike
Top of the Hill Music A Christmas Carol, the radio play. Written, performed, and recorded here in the Snoqualmie Valley will be airing on Valley 104.9 on Christmas Eve at 9pm and on Christmas Day at 7pm. For those outside the area, you can stream live from www.valley1049.org.14.12.2018 at 11:00 pmLike
Top of the Hill Music Christmas! Delivered the final 93-minute "A Christmas Carol" radio play to the good folks at Duvall's 104.9 The Valley today. Look for scheduled airtimes and/or links for streaming. Me and The Missus have listened through a few times during development and have loved it each and every time.08.12.2018 at 02:11 amLike
Top of the Hill Music It takes a couple hours of planning, six hours of setup, then two hours to get everything just right. Then sit back and let them loose to knock it out. Such a wonderful evening.07.12.2018 at 06:32 amLike

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