Mission Statement

I built this studio with the artist in mind.  My mission is to facilitate the realization of the artist’s vision.

There are many aspects to a successful recording.  It’s everything from planning to the personnel, to arrangements, budgets,  and availability on top of the quality of gear and sound space, oh and getting the best performance!  Those other aspects need to be taken care of in order to get to the inspired final take.

Here’s what I offer:

As an engineer I choose the room, microphone, its placement and pre amp all based upon what the part needs to sound like in the final product.

As a producer I work with the artist to be comfortable and to get into character.  My focus is on their vision and how they want it to come across.

For quick demos I set things up so we stay within budget.  I keep things moving in order to make sure we get it done.

For projects that require perfection I bring a critical ear and the patience that it takes to get it right.

But none of this matters unless the client is happy with the final product and has enjoyed the experience.  That is my mission.

Steven Raising Hand - Rich - BOWI


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